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How does fitness make you feel?

Why do you love Fitness so much?

Someone recently asked us this question, and we told them of the time before Thick Chixx started.

We would go to our local fitness studio daily, even if it weren't for a class. It was the place where we felt like we belonged.

There was no judgment, no expectations, and come to think of it a lot of times, one was behind the front desk. I remember putting my money under the sign-in sheet and hitting the dance floor as I rushed in from work.

We walked away feeling happy, inspired, and pumped up. We couldn't wait to come back to see who was going to be on stage teaching.

Or to see if we would get picked to co-teach with an instructor. We would clap and pump each other up like high school kids at a football game. It was the best feeling in the world.

We celebrated birthdays to weddings and everything in between. It pushed us to go outside of our comfort zone and helped us realize that we mattered.

It was our life and we loved it!

We want to bring that feeling back.

Fuck perfection

Fuck looking cute

Fuck all the negativity that gets in the way of you doing what makes you happy.

Let's bring that feeling back.

Join us for fitness!!!!

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