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Six Tips to help you be healthy at your next holiday party.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

It's that time of year...the holiday season.

You’ve just been invited to a holiday party.

What do you do?

Your mind is telling you let's have fun it's only one night right?

Try these six tips to help your navigate through the night and have fun.

1. Don’t show up hungry - If you arrive at a party already famished, it’ll be that much harder to stick to your healthy habits. Make sure to have a light, healthy meal before you leave the house.

2. Watch the drinks - Girllllllll we know you love wine, but keep in mind that wine has wasted calories. Try some Kombucha or Booze free beer.

3. Drink water - staying hydrated is so important. Add a lime or lemon to your water it will add flavor, and it's classy in a fancy glass.

4. Use a small plate - Mind over matter! It's a matter of fooling your brain into thinking you have a full plate of food. Fill your plate with vegetables and proteins.

5. Get moving - Dance girl! Did you know you can burn up to 400 calories if you dance full out for an hour to an upbeat song.

6. Be easy on yourself - If you fall off the wagon, don't worry; tomorrow is another day.

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