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The Mirror

I just had a fantastic strength training session to help with mobility.

Something I’ve been struggling with for months now. And I had enough!!!!

A quick run to Old Navy to pick up some shorts, and I looked in the mirror.

That’s all it took 5 seconds to catch a quick glimpse of myself (and take this photo of course).

I kept thinking to myself, girl, your unique, beautiful, and all that and a bag of no fat chips.

But deep down inside, I wanted to cry.

I’ve been putting in the work. Logging the points, tracking my steps. Eating right... all the things as they say.

And when I looked at myself that self doubt came rushing in like a hurricane.

I had to remind myself that great things take time and hard work!

Keep going no matter what it looks like on the outside.

So smile 😃 You got this!!!!

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Just what I needed to hear this morning!!!

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