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Fabletics Fitness Your 2023

Two years ago, our lives changed forever.

Fabletics was coming to our town, and we were excited.

It took us a year and a new store manager to get my foot in the door, but I did it.

Fast Forward to Spring & Summer 2023 and

The Thick Chixx Fabletics Fitness Tour is born.

Thanks to the amazing managers at the Montgomery Mall & Columbia Mall locations they made our dreams a reality.

They talked us up to their corporate offices, made calls to managers, and most importantly, they believed in us!

Fabletics is more than just a store; it's family, it's where dreams come true, and it's the place that gives The Thick Chixx confidence in good fitting fitness clothes for all bodies.

Join us in a City Near You!

New York, Ny

Richmond, Va

Bethesda, Md

King of Prussia, Pa

Charlotte, NC

Columbia, Md

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